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Kumeu North Survey

Local Issues
Kumeu North Survey - November 2014

Countryside Living or Large Lot zoning in Oraha Road, Riverhead Road, Broadwood Rise, Terry Smyth Road and Old North Road, Kumeu.

Further information:

On Friday 30 October 2014, 120 survey forms were delivered to all residents in the area with letter boxes (which is why Pinetone Road missed out).   Residents were requested to respond by 7 November 2014.   

The survey asked the following questions:
  1. We wish to retain our property as Countryside Living zoning with a minimum size 1 ha -10,000m  (2.5 acres).   Yes/No
  2. We wish to support changing to Large Lot zoning with a minimum lot size of 4,000m (1 acre).   Yes/No
  3. If Large Lot zoning is achieved I would like to be able to subdivide within 5 years.   Yes/No
  4. My property has an acceptable second building site and potential septic drainage area.   Yes/No
  5. I would like to be included in the “Future Urban Area” where council can intensify and services include drainage, sewerage and water supply.   Yes/No
  6. I would like to be outside the “Future Urban Area” where services are restricted to roading – no sewerage and water supply.   Yes/No

41 responses were received - 34% response rate.

The results were:
  1. 46.34% wish to retain Countryside Living
  2. 53.66 support a change to Large Lot zoning
  3. 51.22% would like to be able to subdivide
  4. 70.73% have a suitable second site
  5. 24.39% wish to be included in a Future Urban zone
  6. 75.61% wish to be outside a Future Urban zone

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